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Leaving your birthright place and moving to a foreign land is not an easy decision to make. Some people criticize those who are disloyal to their country, but there’s nothing wrong if you are moving out for a better life and higher income. People always look up to a country like the USA to experience that American dream. It is a land of freedom where you can live the way you want, without any societal or religious restrictions. However, it is not the easiest citizenship to get by simply filling up the forms. You need to take tests and appear for interviews.
A skilled worker can apply for permanent residency and stay in the country for five years to obtain citizenship. A green-card holder has to pay the cost of citizenship as a $725 application fee, which many low-income immigrants can’t afford. You need not worry anymore! At Counterfeit Doc, you can buy citizenship for yourself without having to wait for a long time. We have our internal contacts with government officials to make this possible for you without any hindrances.

Avail Of These Benefits When You Buy EU Citizenship From Us

EU passports are among the most coveted documents in the world. Enlisted below are some of the unique benefits you can enjoy with EU citizenship:

  • No need for visas. The European Union comprises 28 member states, and you can freely travel to any of them without any restrictions.
  • Right to employment. You don’t need complicated permits or work-sponsored visas to stay, work, and look for work in EU nations.
  • Subsidized education. With reputable universities and opportunities for international networking, this is one of the most economical places to develop your skills and boost employment prospects, if you are a citizen.
  • Access to health care benefits. EU citizens benefit from reciprocal healthcare across most countries in Europe. It means you don’t have to pay hefty medical bills, unlike an immigrant.
  • Right to vote and contest elections. You are entitled to vote and to stand as a candidate for the municipal election, without anyone asking you to meet additional requirements.
  • Fast-tracking. You don’t have to wait in a long queue with Non-EU citizens at the airport, which saves so much of your precious time.
  • Property Ownership. You don’t need a permit to own a property in any of the EU countries if you have the rights.


All these benefits outweigh the price of citizenship you pay when you choose to work with us. Count on our vast experience, and you will surely achieve your dreams.

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There are thousands and thousands of undocumented immigrants residing in different parts of the US and Europe. If you are one of them, we have a solution for you that has worked wonders for many. No one can match our capability when it comes to providing citizenship help at reasonable prices. Please get in touch with us to understand the process in detail!